Wendy offers a personal touch, and it's her goal not only to provide top notch customer service but make the experience fun, exciting, and hassle free. Here is a sample of the many positive client testimonials she has received.


"I am very pleased to recommend Coldwell Banker Realtor, Wendy Warnke-Sarmasag as the professional you should use to market your home. She will exceed your expectation in every way, presenting your home in the best possible light, just as she will guide you to feel confident with all your decisions. Wendy will deliver prospective buyers to sell your home quickly. You will find her a reliable partner, through closing. And you may even gain a new friend in the process!

Through the ups and downs of the Houston market conditions—e.g., economic swings, hurricanes, etc. over only a few months’ time—Wendy was very helpful in preparing my high-rise unit for sale. She took charge of facilitating Contractor permission/entry to the building. She even helped maintain peace with the building managers! When painting and repairs ran into roadblocks, she was on the scene when I could not be. Home improvement and marketing efforts are almost always fraught with tension and anxiety. Yet, Wendy was the kind of realtor for me that every Seller would want to have. She quickly resolved issues, and frequently provided a necessary calming to keep preparations moving forward successfully. And those actions were even before my home was on the market!

Wendy worked with the staging company to add an inviting flair. She collaborated with her Coldwell Banker resources to expertly photograph my home, showcasing it online and in many other marketing locations. She highlighted features of the home, and represented it with engaging images. While on the market, Wendy made frequent visits to the property to ensure it was clean prior to showings—she even cleaned my home on several occasions! Wendy also regularly inspected the property to ensure no surprises were left after showings.

Wendy was especially helpful in pricing my home so that it would sell quickly, but at a fair price. She thoroughly researched the local market to offer the best price range that would interest the most prospective Buyers, while maximizing the value of the property. Wendy was available whenever offers were submitted and anytime I had questions. I received data on website views and showings at least weekly, and whenever I asked.

Technology was never a challenge for Wendy. When documents were available to review or sign, Wendy breezed through the tools so that no time was lost. In the final throws of the deal, she ensured the title company had performed their due diligence and the sale was ready to be closed. I was very pleased with the outcome! Having worked with many realtors over the years, I found Wendy to be the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and capable professional.

I have no doubt you, too, will find Wendy to be a highly attentive agent. In fact, she will make you believe you are her only client! She will guide you in every way to make the sale of your home a pleasant experience."

-Alan S.

Happy Homebuyer
and Homeseller

Wendy was absolutely perfect! If ever our family needs to purchase a home, she is the first to be recommended. I absolutely had no problem communicating with Wendy. She reached out to me whenever something came up. She was very helpful in answering any questions I had. Wendy was great. I’m glad I was able to purchase my first home with her assistance.

-Faith Garcia


"We had the good fortune to meet Wendy though my sister who had recently worked with her in the purchase of her new home. I was so impressed with her concern in helping my sister find the right house to meet her needs and wants that I could not think of anyone else I’d rather use to help navigate the home buying process for us. Our situation was quite different from my sister’s in that we knew exactly the home we were hoping for.

We had other hurdles to jump that were somewhat unconventional and frustrating. Wendy never batted an eye. She was amazing the whole way through. Without dipping into the gritty details I will say that if it can be done, Miss Wendy will do everything in her power to see that it gets done. She is helpful, dependable, honest, reliable and, just plain kind. I wish everyone I worked with had those qualities.

Today, as I sit in the home we were wishing for, I can’t help but be grateful for the Realtor that made this possible. I’d like to say that we would use Wendy for future home buying but it is my wish never to move from this house.

I can’t recommend her highly enough."

-Todd and Stephanie

Happy First-time

"Our Realtor was fantastic! She was the second we got. The first one wasn’t working out and I had a bad experience for being first time buyers. The second one I’m reviewing about now was just incredible. She helped us understand things we weren’t sure of. She made sure to have things done in a timely manner. She had out best interest in mind for every decision and every negotiation. Could not have gone with someone better. Very happy with how the process went and I purchased my first home with her. The best realtor in town."

-Veronica R.


"I knew the market was hot & considered selling FSB. But, when a good friend & neighbor sold his dwelling thru Coldwell Banker, I reasoned that I had never sold a house so why try something so complicated. My friend heartily recommended Wendy Sarmasag. After I first spoke with Wendy , her professionalism convinced me, this was who I wanted to sell my house. I felt immediately at ease and a lot of anxiety was relieved. I mean it's a jungle out there and you want an experienced guide to see you through it. I am not going to say that the sale was without some difficulty, but there was Wendy holding my hand and guiding me along. We got a good price and then she referred me to another top agent l in NC that helped me purchase my dream retirement home. I have never been more happy & it was all due to a truly Champion Realtor, Wendy Sarmasag. There is no need to go it alone when there is Wendy, ready & capable of seeing you through the most complex business endeavor you will ever experience."

-Tim Walch

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